Dean Evan Francis

Dean is a photographer commissioned by notable brands, companies & clientele throughout the United States. List of Clients


Dean’s first works were published by Oxford University Press in The Art of Teaching Art – a collegiate book of instruction for teaching the foundations of art which included Dean’s compositional studies, line work & perspective drawings. Dean’s photography is published by clientele in every medium – digital, tv, print & social media. View Book


Dean’s first sales included illustrations for marketing & advertising a boutique clothier’s brand in addition to photography for a national portrait studio. Dean then launched his photography studios & began shooting for an expanded base of clientele. View Studios


Dean’s first exhibits began at Monroe Street Studios where his paintings & sculptures were available for purchase. Additional works & photographs followed at the South Bend Museum of Art, Penn, Kendall, Memorial Hospital of South Bend, Michiana Hematology & Oncology. Dean’s photography is created for exhibits, collections, galleries & museums. Visit South Bend Museum of Art


Dean’s first photographs were created for his collegiate portfolio when he graduated with a fine arts concentration from Penn. Dean was then accepted into the undergraduate program for fine arts at Kendall College of Art & Design. Dean majored in industrial design with supporting coursework in color theory, composition, perspective, drawing, painting & sculpting. View Photographs

Dean received additional education while serving as a United States Navy Officer.

Dean received additional training while serving as a United States Law Enforcement Officer.

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